Board Meeting Comments

Meeting 20220721

Meeting 20220721

F1: Professional Services Contract: Arizona S
Mary Juneau
07/20 03:57pm
Agency/Org: Head of Friends of Public Ed
As a parent public school children, my primary concern is, of course, the quality of the teachers who will be instructing. As states have a variety of requirements for instructional staff and various certification credentials, we would like to know if the instructors for the virtual school have what I call “traditional” certifications/licenses which include a college degree. Louisiana does not require that instructors in charter schools have college degrees. I understand that Arizona does not require an instructor in a charter school to have a college degree or certification. I would appreciate if you would let me know if ASUPG is classified as a virtual charter and if your instructors are all required to have an undergraduate degree with or without specific certification or licensing.

G8: Charter Contract Renewal: Helix Mentorshi
Mary Juneau
07/20 04:06pm
Agency/Org: Head of Friends of Public Ed
I object to any contract that does not list the amount of money to be paid and the funding source. Reckless mistakes like this are one reason why EBRPSS is facing a financial cliff of $56 million in the 2023-24 school year. If any of our traditional public schools were underperforming like Helix, theState would be swooping down to take it over. Continuing this amateur hour at the expense of children is wrong. Vote "NO" to Helix.

G9: Policy-BCB
Brian Blackwell
07/21 06:27pm
If 5 or more persons indicate a desire to speak on an agenda item under this policy, what objective factors (if any) will the presiding officer use to determine the amount of time that will be allocated to each speaker? Will it be totally within the discretion of the presiding officer or will a vote be required to reduce the time allocated to individual speakers below 3 minutes?
Nancy Landry
07/21 06:44pm
Unfortunately, this administration is not very efficient at communicating to board nor the public. Some folks get direct responses, others have to ask at school board meetings because leadership ignores them or tries to trip them up. We see it every meeting. Sure looks like this admin/board has a problem with black women. Answer the questions before the board meeting with ALL the info. There needs to be accountability for admin only communicating with loyalists.

H2: ITEP-International Mezzo Technologies Inc
A. Knope
07/21 07:17pm
Agency/Org: Pay Your Taxes
Imagine what this district would look like if everyone carried their weight and didn't apply for tax exemptions. Pay your taxes and invest in the children! Deny this exemption and then go get all that money Exxon owes this district. No more rich white owned companies refusing to pay into the schools.

H3: Teacher Sign-On Bonus
Mary Juneau
07/21 01:40pm
Agency/Org: Head of Friends of Public Ed
The number one reason that I asked you to fire Dr. Narcisse is that I could see back in December 2021 how his leadership style would lead to a faculty and staffing shortage. You ignored a petition with over 2, 400 signatures. You ignored multiple protests. Most members of this board along with the superintendent you hired have disrespected faculty and staff in multiple ways. You failed to supply an across-the-board stipend as a much-deserved reward for surviving the pandemic. You allow Narcisse to announce school program and reassignments BEFORE notifying those who are impacted. You let this administration threaten faculty who spoke to media.A signing bonus is a bandaid on a broken relationship. Good luck attracting new faculty. What about the ones who have faithfully endured all of the disrespectful policies you allow? Our faculty and staff are underpaid and under appreciated by you. They are much appreciated by the families of EBRPSS. Give them all a raise.
Maritza Smith
07/21 06:54pm
Agency/Org: The Children
No one will deny this is needed, but yes it was prevented. We blew the ESSER money we should have invested directly in staff. Staff who work the the actual "children," every one claims to represent. All this talk about innovation and there has been ZERO attempt to address the morale crisis. So here we are quickie giving a sign on bonus to make up for the talent walking out the door. Award winning teachers are walking out day after day. No quickie sign on bonus can bring them back. Sure pass this, but please please wake up and address the staffing crisis and low morale. We know everyone is in a hurry to to pass big ticket items and move on the next city. But these are really people, please address the staff morale. HELP!
L. Allen
07/21 07:45pm
When people quit principals say nothing. No apology. No, "I need to do better, I treated you wrong." Nada! Highly skilled staff are leaving. Bi-lingual people. ESS people. No one tries to retain them. No changes in in leadership at schools that had school culture surveys with horrible conditions. Horrible principals are left on stay for loyalty only. But here we desperate to fill those seats with new hires?