Board Meeting Comments

Meeting 20220303

Meeting 20220303

C1:Amended Redistricting Plan Timeline
Jennifer A. Harding
03/03 03:36pm
Agency/Org: EBR Schools Parent
I am strongly urging the board to schedule a minimum of 2 additional public forums to the timeline following the publishing of the final proposals in the Advocate. The public needs time to review and provide feedback on the final proposals and the board needs adequate time to digest that feedback prior to the final vote. A public hearing on the day of the final vote is not sufficient and only sends the signal that public input is not valued and is simply a formality.

C2: Selection of Maps
Jennifer Harding
03/02 04:50pm
Agency/Org: EBR Schools Parent
Throughout the process so far, members of the community have consistently expressed interest in expanding the EBR School Board to an 11 or 15 single-member framework, calling for both smaller districts and racial proportionality to be key principles in designing any new plan. The maps listed as Ware Collins Plan 1, Finney_EBRPSS_11D both meet these criteria and should be published for final consideration.
Fairleigh Jackson
03/03 03:08pm
The public have left dozens of public comments through the redistricting comments portal in support of publishing the Finney 15 member map and the Ware/Collins map. The link to read these comments was sent to you today. To not publish these maps, the wish of your constituents would be a disservice to the public. Please publish these maps for public consumption.
Anne Marie BLank
03/03 03:39pm
Please advance the Ware-Collins 11 and the Finney 15 plans for publication and final consideration. We need districts that are racially proportional to our population. Increasing the districts will also decrease the population in each district and a smaller constituent-to-board-member ratio will give board members a more manageable number of constituents. Just like teachers can give more attention to individual students when they have smaller class sizes, board members can have more meaningful interaction with constituents if districts are smaller. Please select the Ware-Collins 11 plan and the Finney 15 plan.

D10: RFP-Transportation Software
Angelle Bradford
03/03 06:45pm
There has to be a grant that can cover this. We need to table this item or flat out vote no until alternative funding sources are explored. We still do not have a fiscal budget that shows the current state of our finances. We cannot afford this. The transportation system absolutely needs work. Students, staff and parents each express concern and are suffering. But millions of dollars on software, along with $300,000 plus annual maintenance costs is just unreasonable at this time.

D8: 2022-2023 School Year Calendar
Barbara Crockett
03/02 07:03pm
Since reviewing the 2022-2023 proposed school calendar, will there be any embedded days for teacher/parent conferences. Also, since this proposed calendar is Option B, where is the Option A 2022-2023 proposed school calendar?