Board Meeting Comments

Meeting 20210422

Meeting 20210422

H1: Revised 2021-2022 School Year Calendar
Maria Johnson
04/21 08:28pm
This whole discussion is just a distraction. Talking about extra days and not talking about the real reasons many folks won’t send their kids back to in person schools. Vote no. For many kids schools are not the safe place they are for magnet students. 8 more days of contact with people who don’t care and yell for every little thing. My kid can’t read but he makes sure his shirt is tucked in. Wake up. Vote no until all the schools are safe places.
Camille Conaway
04/22 10:41am
Agency/Org: Parent of EBR students
Good evening: I understand why the Superintendent has revised the Smart Start proposal to add some instructional time during the year rather than an early return - which I supported. As a parent of two elementary school children in EBR, I have to say it is has been frustrating and disheartening to witness the pushback from those working within the EBR system - not only publicly in mass walk-outs but in classrooms where my young children experienced open attempts to frame an early start in a negative light. Working parents rarely have the time or ability to make their voices heard in the way that those within the system can. Thousands of students experienced little to no instruction from March 14 until Labor Day, while parents continued to work full-time and teach and care for children full-time as well. Many lost jobs and income. The last year was hard for everyone. Students need and deserve a comprehensive strategy for academic and emotional support - not just a return to normal.
Rosie Stevens
04/22 10:59am
Once again the calendar focuses on Christian holidays. Testing is again scheduled during Ramadan. Some are whining because their private school kids might not have the same vacation. Meanwhile non Christian families have to take off holy days AND make up the work. If staff are working in schools or school systems they think aren’t good enough for their own kids, then they are part of the problem.
Peter Michael
04/22 02:50pm
Agency/Org: EBR Teacher
There should not be an agenda item for revising the school calendar. The original calendar that was approved in March should be used. This entire exercise is all a huge publicity stunt. Smart Start was a foolish, ego-driven blunder. Sure, Superintendent Narcisse is the one who pushed for it, but what about the school board members who happily nodded their heads in approval at his initial press conference? Where is the intelligence? Even this new, proposed calendar is laughable. Why are we doing ANY of this? The notion that students are behind is a red herring. The entire world has been besieged by COVID-19, and therefore the notion that anyone is "behind" is ludicrous. By what standard? Make it make sense. How does adding more time to next school year help students who struggled in previous years? They are in different classes. What you all should be talking about is giving teachers a raise. You are increasing our workload and decreasing our pay. Give us a $10,000 raise now.
Tania Nyman
04/22 03:01pm
Supt. Narcisse has again proposed a new school calendar, which traditional public schools--but not charters--must abide by, and it commits the same offense as the first. It unnecessarily and illogically infringes on teachers' and families' traditional vacation time under the guise of the best interests of students. But claims that this is for the "good of the children" and to "accommodate demands of teachers and parents" is just not supported by proponents' arguments or the proposed calendar. As before, this calendar appears to be designed to encourage the proliferation of charter schools. And by offering it in this manner, Supt. Narcisse appears to have effectively created a harmful either/or: Either we start with a calendar that will encourage the further proliferation of charter schools or teachers will lose the opportunity for additional professional development and related pay. And if the union opposes the new calendar, teachers will be demonized for "not caring about students."
Julius M Brabham
04/22 04:59pm
I have four children in EBR and planned for them accordingly when the first APPROVED calendar came out in March; somewhere around the 19th. I want the ORIGINAL ADOPTED CALENDAR from March that we as a community accepted and passed without concern. Additional research-based methods for assisting students with achievement gaps can be discusssed with the professional (teachers) that interact with those students and monies meant for our students can stay in house and be used to facilitate real remediation for at risk students in our district. This calendar is RUSHED and NOT RESEARCH-BASED. None of this is acceptable by a superintendent who needs to take the time to learn the real needs of this system. Let me help: smaller class sizes, more highly-qualified teachers receiving professional pay (or at least the southern average), embedded professional development yearly, resources (not piecemeal curriculum), guidance counselors that are NOT SCHOOL TEST COORDINATORS, qualified substitutes,...

I11: Consolidate and Move School Sites
Kristi Hammatt
04/22 05:11pm
CASEL agenda item does not have public comment option open, so I'm using this form to add my question: CASEL is $125,000 for the first year. How much will it cost for subsequent years and what funding source will be used? Will additional positions in central office be created to oversee SEL implementation or will it be absorbed under another department? If so, which department will oversee SEL? If additional jobs will be created, how many and what salary scale will they be paid on?

I12: Contract: Collaborative for Academic, So
Kristi Hammatt
04/22 08:24pm
The cost for year one is $125,000. How much money will be necessary for follow up years if it takes 3+ to see the positive fruition. What will be the funding source? A component of this program includes additional social workers on campus? What will be the funding source for these social workers after year one implementation? Will this program require the district to create additional central office positions to oversee its implementation? Which pay scale will be utilized? If no additional personnel is needed to implement this program, which department will oversee its implementation?

I13: Job Positions and Descriptions
Juan Stevens
04/22 10:00pm
Ladies and Gentleman of the EBRP School Board we have a Chief Academic Officer in place because the superintendent doesn't have the qualifications per state law and now you are wanting to take more of his responsibilities by promoting Dr. Lashley to literacy and allowing the superintendent to bring in more of his friends who have been nothing but rejects. SHARMAYNE RUTLEDGE, PH.D already does literacy and teaching and learning because in the south we are use to doing three or four different jobs and only getting paid for one. the superintendent failed to tell the board he plans to release his organizational chart tomorrow and doesn't plan to show the board his chart. why keep approving positions and you haven't seen an organizational chart or a budget. examples of what I am talking about when it relates to rushing: you have a chief operations officer and chief business operations officer basically doing the same thing.
Ava Mack
04/22 10:14pm
School Board Members, we don't need these positions this is just an opportunity to waste money. why does the superintendent need his own legal policy adviser when the board has one and why do we need a diversity director coming from out of state who don't even understand our community just like our superintendent who don't understand our community and keeps lying out both sides of his mouth and to add insult the chief of schools whose attitude is very nasty and cold is already sending shock waves in this district about mass firings of principals and personnel this summer so again we as the public are asking what the hell the chief academic officer suppose to be doing when every time we call central office we are told the chief academic officer doesn't handle this and doesnt handle that so what does the chief academic officer handle? because it seems to us the chief of schools do everything so why bring in more people to take away more the chief academic officer?